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About us.

We're on a
mission. Join us.

We're building Kotini to make the home-buying experience less stressful.

Right now we're doing that by building the tools property professionals like Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers and others need to give you (the buyer or seller) a delightful experience. The kind of experience you expect.

We're early in our journey and would love for you to join us.

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The founding team.

Kieran (CEO) founded Kotini in 2022 after an agonising move - twice! Harvey (CXO), Jack (CTO), and Kieran are passionate about helping people and bringing home-buying into the modern age with their expertise in design, engineering, and financial services.

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Driving the
industry forward.

Our mission to make home buying less stressful extends well beyond what any one company can achieve and is why we partner with industry leaders who are also trying improve standards, interopability and drive innovation.

We do this as members of the Home Buying Selling Group, executive members of the Open Property Data Association and active contributors to the Property Data Trust Framework, the first open set of data standards for property data.

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