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The different types of homes

Kieran Witt, 18 August 2023


What’s this article about?

Curious about all the different types of homes you can buy? This article will help explain what each type of home is like.

Have you ever wondered about all the different types of homes you see around the UK? Each one has its own style and vibe. So here's a break down of the most common types in simple terms.

Detached Houses

These are standalone homes that are not attached to any other property. They offer privacy and often come with a garden, garage, and driveway.

Detached house

Semi-Detached Houses

These are two homes that share a common wall. They are often cheaper than detached houses and offer a good balance between privacy and community living.


Terraced Houses

These are rows of homes that share common walls on both sides. They are common in urban areas and offer an affordable option for first-time buyers.

Terraced house

Flats or Apartments

Flats or apartments are self-contained units in larger buildings that are usually multi-story. They are popular in cities, and many people choose them for their convenience, low maintenance, and affordability. It's also common for these properties to be leasehold which you can learn about in our leasehold explainer



Bungalows are single-story homes that are often popular with retirees or people with limited mobility. They offer easy access and are often built on a larger plot of land than flats or apartments.



Cottages are small, quaint homes that are often in rural areas. They are often made of stone or brick and have a thatched or tiled roof. These properties tend to use what surveyors and lenders like to call non standard construction methods i.e. a way of building that's different to most homes like using thatching instead of tiles for roofing. Non standard construction can add complexity to your mortgage process.



Mansions are large, luxury homes often with extensive grounds and multiple bedrooms, living areas, and amenities. They are often owned by wealthy individuals or families.



Townhouses are multi-story homes that share a wall with other properties. They are often found in urban areas and offer a blend of privacy and community living.


Mobile Homes

Mobile homes, also known as park homes, are prefabricated homes that are designed to be mobile. They are often found in holiday parks or retirement communities and offer an affordable alternative to traditional homes.

Mobile home


Maisonettes are self-contained units in larger buildings, usually with two or more floors. Imagine a house on a house. They have their own entrance and offer more space than a typical flat or apartment. They are often found in urban areas and can be an affordable option for families or those who want more space than a traditional flat.