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We understand that buying a home can be a complicated, time-consuming process. That’s why Kotini exists. To make your homebuying process simpler, more transparent and less stressful. 

Once signed up, we’ll connect you with a homebuying champion, a member of our team whose sole purpose is to make your homebuying journey easier. Kotini members also get access to tools that help keep them on top of their homebuying process as well as personalised support. Personalised support like chasing your estate agent, conveyancer and others, so you don’t have to.

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    Homebuying help

    Brush up on your homebuying knowledge

    The Homebuying Process
    A quick guide on the homebuying process, from saving for a deposit all the way to getting the keys to your new home. 🏡
    Things to Check When Viewing a House: 5 Must-Knows
    To avoid costly mistakes here’s five things you don’t want to overlook at your next property viewing. 🔭
    The Costs Associated with Buying a House: A – Z
    To prepare you for the home buying process, we’ve listed all the costs associated with buying a house. 💸
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    Don't miss out on free homebuying help, subscribe!

    Don't miss out on free homebuying help, subscribe!

    Don't miss out on free homebuying help, subscribe!